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Leslie  James

Leslie James

Chief Creative Officer

Leslie James is an award-winning creative strategist with over 22 years of experience generating communication ideas that influence, inform and inspire people. He has created mainstream advertising concepts for global brands and clients across Asia and the Middle East.

Leslie leads Lapis’ creative team across all markets, works across all mediums and has led the development of over 400 television commercials across numerous public advocacy campaigns. He is an expert in communication for nation building, youth development, social affairs, and countering violent extremism. He regularly works on new and innovative solutions to bring about behavioural and attitudinal change, most notably helping to develop MENA’s first trans-media drama series to address issues of conflict amongst Arab youth.

He is also a self-taught artist who combines his distinctive illustrative style with print and digital media to create a space where the abstract and the real meet. Leslie draws inspiration from almost everything around him - people, places, images, dreams, poetry, music, literature, news, films, and even the mundane.