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Donors for development


The Syrian conflict has entered its fourth year with no political solution in sight. The conflict birthed the world’s largest refugee crisis which has continued unabated with more than 12 million Syrians in need of humanitarian assistance and 3.5 million fleeing into neighboring countries including Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and Turkey. While donors focused on supporting the humanitarian emergency and its fallout, the development crises grew more acute. Syria and its neighboring countries have suffered major setbacks in crucial sectors including education, healthcare and the economy. Host nations have watched as the economic and social achievements of recent years has evaporated amidst the crush of refugees. Lapis was tasked to create a series of videos that would re-energize countries to contribute to and support initiatives put forth by UNDP.


Lapis developed a series of innovative, live action and animation videos that utilized infographics and stop-motion to deliver UNDP’s messages during critical global conferences. The series provided clear development objectives that required immediate responses such as increased funding and coordination.  The videos were viewed at UN sponsored meetings around the globe - most recently in Berlin to initiate the 3RP program (Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan). The series was also featured during the Kuwait II International Humanitarian Pledging Conference for Syria and used at the December 2013 UN General Assembly Syria breakout session.


Reactions to the series were positive with the UNDP Under-Secretary General praising the inspirational approach to delivering the message.  While the videos were specifically developed for UNDP, they became a crucial tool for multiple agencies working on the Syria crisis response. UNDP’s Lapis-produced “Resilience” video was taken-up by ten UN sister organizations to deliver their respective messages to donors for funding in 2014. These agencies included UNRWA, OCHA, UN Women, UNICEF, FAO and WHO.  Lapis’ Donors for Development video series proved to be a vital resource for multiple UN agencies in securing crucial development funds. Lapis has now become the trusted “go to” agency for fundraising communications for UN agencies working on the Syria Crisis.