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Despite the progress made over the last decade, a wide range of social issues continues to haunt women in the Arab world. There were still concerns around women’s social, educational and economic empowerment, domestic violence and sexual harassment, early marriage, and political participation. For change to gain momentum, Womanity Foundation sought to open up a space for debate on some of the problems faced by women, and at the same time, focus on their abilities to find solutions and make valuable contributions to their communities.


Building on the popularity of Womanity Foundation’s “Be 100 Ragl I” radio series — a soap-opera chronicling the adventures of Noha, an intrepid radio journalist fighting for social justice — Lapis developed and introduced the second season of the program in the form of a new, engaging and innovative animated cartoon series.

This captivating Arabic series highlighted the challenges and issues women in the Arab World face while showcasing their central roles in society. The series aimed to seed meaningful dialogue and debate around these topics while challenging audiences to both think and act.

To make the content relevant to the audiences, Lapis introduced a contest to crowd-source real-life stories and converted them into engaging, non-confrontational fiction to pave the way constructive conversations, even on the most serious issues.

The second season also featured a tour of roundtables, meet-ups and debates involving public screenings organised with civil society and women’s groups, schools, universities, NGO’s, young changemakers and innovators to engage youth and challenge them to develop creative solutions to the issues that plagued their societies.


  • 430,000+ unique views
  • Healthy split between male (58%) and female (42%) viewers
  • 156,000+ minutes watched
  • 6,000+ likes
  • 144,000+ views on MBC’s VOD platform
  • 64,000 views per episode on Kharabeesh
  • 42,000 views per episode on Facebook
  • Facebook page likes grew by 20,000
  • Title song music video enjoyed 297,000+ unique views