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From deciding whether a vaccine is safe to give to a child in Pakistan to building confidence in an election process in Yemen, for over a decade our work has framed how individuals, communities and nations see their world. Operating throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia, Lapis is a full-service strategic communications agency that supports local and global efforts to bring about positive change in frontier markets and challenging environments.


We are meticulous  in our thinking and analysis, and diligent in the development and application that follows. At the heart of this effort is a striving for betterment. Betterment of the circumstances for those we work for, and the audience we communicate to. Betterment of our work, and of ourselves. It is this philosophy that ensures we do not settle for strategies that leave ‘winners and losers’, instead we only seek to offer win-win solutions through strategic communications.



We strip away the non-essential layers until we find and understand the very fundamentals of the challenge. It is an approach that demands we have in-depth local knowledge of the environments, cultures and societies in which we work and build strategies based on insight, not observation. By seeing our strategies through to implementation and evaluation, we never lose sight of the fact that we are accountable for our ideas.



We are part of Moby Group. Established in 2003, Moby Group has advanced the media industry in a number of emerging and frontier markets extending from Central Asia to the Middle East and beyond. Moby Group employs over 1000 professionals to deliver its content-driven audience building strategy across 17 businesses and 7 markets, reaching over 450 million people through its activities in broadcasting, production, publishing, music, sports, research, telecommunications services, and strategic communications.

Group Assets

Group assets


Lapis works closely with Moby Group’s bouquet of entertainment, news and current affairs platforms, which includes a youth portal. Providing content in Dari, Farsi, Pashto, Urdu, Hindi and Arabic they reach a potential audience of 450 million people across Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Iran and Iraq.


Through Moby Group’s production facilities and a network of local strategic partners, Lapis is able to provide its clients full service production solutions in both stable and challenging environments across Asia, the Middle East and Africa.


Through Moby Group’s expansion into key IT businesses, Lapis provides its clients turnkey end-to-end communication solutions that include design, supply, implementation and support. From mobile app development and website building to advanced wireless, fiber optic and microwave communication technologies. In some of the most restrictive cultural, social and media environments, for example, Lapis has provided individuals access to news, information, entertainment and the opportunity to engage with targeted communication using Integrated Voice Technology (IVR).


Moby Group and Lapis have pioneered the way in Sports Advocacy. Since 2012 the Roshan Afghan Premier League has injected into the country’s collective conscious a sense of national pride, provided role models to the youth and undercut insurgents' calls for fighting through the promotion of values such as unity, tolerance, peace and solidarity. Lapis continues to develop this model for application within other territories.


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