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​Ummit  Sethi

​Ummit Sethi

Director of Strategy and Planning

Ummit Sethi is a media and communications expert with over 14 years’ experience in multi-media broadcast, marketing and strategic communications. His work has extended across some of the most complex geo-political, social and cultural landscapes in South Central Asia and the Middle East and Africa.

Working with leading psychoanalysts and behavioural scientists, he has been part of teams that have continued to pioneer in the field of strategic communications with particular focus on undermining violent extremist groups and countering violent extremism.

Past projects have included creating MENA’s first trans-media drama series, producing two of the most recognized and resonant youth-empowerment brands in the region, and developing a youth-led national unity campaign.

He now folds this breadth of expertise and applied experience into developing  communication strategies for Lapis across all mediums.

Ummit holds a Bachelors in Physics and Astronomy from the University of Southampton.