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Moustafa Ayad

Moustafa Ayad

Program Director

Moustafa Ayad is an expert in capacity building, journalism, and social media networking, with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa. He has more than five years of expertise in electoral communications and national media campaigns, assisting transitional bodies in conflict zones design and implement national strategic communications campaigns.

He is known for supporting grass-roots activism in the region, and creating avenues for government transparency in environments where none have previously existed. He has worked with government officials, ministries, media professionals, NGOs, bloggers, activists, as well as communication academics and scholars across the Middle East and North Africa. His past projects have focused on creating intra-regional partnerships and webinars on media-related topics in conflict and post-conflict environments.

Moustafa holds a Bachelor from Southern Illinois University and a Masters for University of Illinois.  Moustafa is a native speaker of Arabic.  He manages the Lapis Levant portfolio that targets innovative strategic communications campaigns for Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.