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Maher  Gilmour

Maher Gilmour

Senior Creative Manager

Maher Gilmour is a content marketing strategist and expert with over 11 years of experience in broadcast media. He has extensive experience with branding and channel strategies, execution, conceptualization, and promotions within various themes including general entertainment, news, and sports in various markets.

Maher also has experience in branded content, supporting ad sales and giving marketing and communication strategies to clients. He has worked in broadcast media since 2003, serving as a director, creative manager, producer, and editor with teams from Indonesia, Singapore, Dubai and Afghanistan.

Some of his notable projects include assisting with the establishment of Afghanistan’s first national football league, assisting with marketing of Afghan talent shows, and helping establish news and media channels. He has a detailed knowledge of Afghanistan and the region, and has been responsible for the development and implementation of various media projects tailored to the complex cultural and media context thereof.