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Abrar  Kakarr

Abrar Kakarr

Program Coordinator

Abrar is a skilled translator/interpreter with experience in the implementation of new teaching strategy and promotion of children’s education. He brings to the team a solid understating of Af-Pak relations, having lived in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. With Lapis Afghanistan, he is responsible for effective program coordination, working closely with the production, creative, digital and media teams to implement successful communications campaigns.

Prior to joining Lapis, Abrar worked with several educational institutes in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where he supported the implementation of new teaching strategies for English as a Second Language/English as a Foreign Language (ESL/EFL). With ABEC (Afghan Bakhtar Educational Centre) Kabul, he worked closely on the preparation of new advertisements and billboard ads. He worked as a translator of educational content with Save the Children, where he reinforced his understanding of Afghanistan pedagogic system and strengthened his interpretation skills. He also worked as a call centre agent which allowed him to develop strong inter-personal communications skills with clients.   Abrar Ahmad Kakarr has a certificate of English literature from KELC and speaks fluent English, Dari, Pashtu and Urdu.